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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Make a USB socket port and sell online

Investment Required- $1000 to $10000

Source of Revenue - Selling USB socket port

Details - Have you ever thought of charging your smartphone with just USB cable without adapter? You would say that it is easily possible with laptop or computer. But what if your laptop is not working or you don't have it. Then you need another charger or adapter for USB cable. So shouldn't there be a port in your switch board which can allow you to insert directly the USB cable in it and charge your phone in the same way as the USB adapter does? So it is a good business opportunity. There are very few players in this market. You can make USB socket port which will allow anyone to plug USB cable in it in the same way we insert the plug of gadgets in socket of switch board. Then you can sell it online and make a website and promote your product. If it becomes popular, you can increase the production capacity. However this startup idea requires a large amount of investment and innovation. So you can check that whether this suits you or not.