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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cold Press Juice - A Small but Capturable and Profitable Segment in Indian Juice Market

Cold Press Juice is a superhit segment in western countries but this concept is new in Indian Juice market. Cold press juice is a special type of juice ,aimed at tackling a certain health issue or improving a certain health quality, made with the use of cold press technology. This is a niche market which is perfect for entry of startups.
Pros and Cons of Starting a Cold Press Juice Range
1.It is a small size niche market. MNCs and large companies focus on larger and bigger markets. So there are only a few small players in this market.
2. Profitable - These drinks are costly and the margin is good, hence the profit is high.
3. It is a successful business concept in the west and you might have witnessed the growth of western ideas in India.
1. It is a new concept, so proper marketing needs to be done. Also it is somewhat risky as India is price sensitive market.
2. Indian Consumers mindset about the the product is not known. So proper surveying must be done before the launch of the product.
3. This is a capital intensive business. One need to set up production facilities , research wing and marketing department. Surveying and Promotion costs must also be kept in mind before starting this venture.
How to proceed with this business?
First of all it is important to know about the mindset of Indian consumers about the product. So first step should be of sampling. Sample products should be made available in stores and reviews about the products should be collected. The problems in the product should be solved and the product must be launched with proper marketing. The marketing team should focus on getting customers acquainted with the benefits of the Juice. The Juice must be launched on E-commerce stores with excellent marketing plan. Social media must be used for proper engagement with users. If the product will be good, one will definitely achieve success.